A Reliable and Established Consumer Research Company

At Insights Focus, we believe that while a brand may exert all efforts to keep up with trends, it’s ultimately their product or service that will keep consumers coming back. We have more than 20 years of experience in consumer research, so you can count on us to provide you with accurate information.


Why Choose Us

As brands work to stay in-sync with culture, it is our mission to help them make smart decisions about pipeline innovation and development, optimization, product validation, improvement projects, and consumer interaction with technology. We specialize in conducting research in the food industry, but we have also branched out to other sectors.

Food Industry Research

Our full-service market research firm conducts client and supply research for large QSR, fast casual brands, and small independent start-ups. We are committed to asking the right questions to design, execute, analyze, and interpret results using innovative, hybrid, and customized research techniques.


Consumer Technology Services

You can trust us to evaluate and understand the manner by which consumers experience and interact with technology. To achieve this, we made sure that our team includes a seasoned moderator with a master’s degree in UX experience. We also offer instrumental qualitative guidance in the development, optimization, and next generation improvements for any tech that touches the consumer.