Consumer Researchers for
Food and Technology Engagement

Insights Focus in Long Beach, CA is a research company focused on consumers of large Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), fast casual brands, and small independent start-ups. We also provide our services to other sectors, including the technology industry.

Who We Are

Our experts have more than 20 years of experience in researching consumer behavior with food and technology engagement. You can rely on our full-service market research firm to design, execute, analyze, and interpret results using innovative, hybrid, and customized research techniques.

We employ a seasoned moderator with a master’s degree in UX experience so we are knowledgeable about the consumer experience and interaction with technology. The services we offer include instrumental qualitative guidance that allows you to develop, optimize, and improve any type of consumer technology.

Consumer Mindset

It is our belief that the products and services are what make consumers loyal to a brand. As businesses strive to keep up with culture and trends, we aid them in making smart moves about pipeline innovation and development, optimization, product validation, improvement projects, and consumer interaction with technology.

What We Do

To make sure that we provide our clients with accurate information, we use various methods and approaches in our research studies. These ensure that we deliver relevant data essential to your business.